Wheelchair Rent BD

Wheelchair Rent BD: BD Medical Store very well understands the importance of fine medical equipment for either patients or health professionals residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

01 Day 

Minimum  07 days should be taken

BDT 300/-

You have to pay the fare of hope and departure

You will get in this package

  • Wheelchair


Minimum  07 days should be taken

BDT 2,000/-

You have to pay the fare of hope and departure

You will get in this package

  • Wheelchair

15 Days

Minimum  07 days should be taken

BDT 3,000/-

You have to pay the fare of hope and departure

You will get in this package

  • Wheelchair


Minimum  07 days should be taken

BDT 3,500/-

You have to pay the fare of hope and departure

You will get in this package

  • Wheelchair

Wheelchair Rental Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The BD Medical Store team works hard to give its clients the best possible quality of wheelchairs that they require. In this section, we would like to describe our wheelchair rent in Dhaka and the unbeatable comfort, hygiene, and convenience coming with each of them for all our clients, whether they are patients, medical practitioners, or caregivers.

Why Choose Our ​Wheelchair Rent BD Service?

Our wheelchair rental service is focused on providing the patients with comfort and safety during the recovery period. Below are some of the reasons why you should avail yourself of our wheelchair rental service. 

1. Comfort

Comfort is everything for anybody who needs a wheelchair to move around. All our chairs are up to date, ergonomically comfortable, and easy to move. They are cushioned seats to stop pressure sores from arising and also provide ample support at the back and the legs. The armrests and the footrests are changeable according to individual needs in different body sizes and positions. They also have rolling, smooth wheels that travel quite well over many surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.

2. Hygiene

This means maintaining high levels of hygiene at all times in the health care. We have put in place strict measures that guarantee our wheel chairs are cleaned and sanitized before every rental. We clean our equipment using medical-grade disinfectants. Such chemicals kill all kinds of germs, from bacteria to viruses. Every chair is checked for wear and tear, and proper repairs are made to guarantee each rental unit meets our high hygiene standards. This extreme caution when it comes to hygiene helps prevent infection and ensures the safety of our users.

3. Convenience

The concept of our service is that it would be as convenient for the customer as possible. Flexible rental periods may be tailored to your needs accordingly. This can either be for simple short term recovery or for a longer rehabilitation period. You have the following options: 7-day, 15-day and 30-day rental. Also available is a door to door delivery and collection service at an additional charge. This would enable the chair to be delivered to your own front door, whether that be at home or in care and collected as and when the contract is up.

4. Affo​rdability

We are aware that medical equipment is costly and will therefore price our chair rental service very competitively. We strive hard that this quality medical equipment reaches as many people in need as possible. Our pricing is straight forward- no hidden charges unlike the competition, so you directly receive the maximum value from us : 
Wheelchair Rent BD:Pricing as follows:

  • 7-Day Rental: The rental for 7-day use shall be 2,000 BDT.
  • 15-Day Rental: For 15 days, one will rent a wheelchair for 3,000 BDT.
  • 30-Day Rental: This product will let a wheelchair be rented for 30 days at a cost of 3,500 BDT.

How It Works

We have simplified the rental process so it's quick and easy for our clients. Here is the step by step procedure of how it works:

1. Browse and Select

Browse our wheelchairs now and discover the chair that's right for you. Repercussive descriptions and pictures of all our models on our site help flag features and specifications so you can decide which is going to be most suitable for you. If, after that, you still require a little help in choosing the right wheelchair for yourself, then our customer service staff are more than happy to offer their professional advice and recommendations.

2. Choose Rental Period

Pick a rental period that suits you. You can rent a chair for 7, 15, or 30 days. Flexibility for you to use it the opposite way round, using the chair for however long you want without having to return it before you are ready.

3. Book Online

Finally, book your order on our easy-to-use website. Online booking is quick and secure. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself like contact details; delivery address, etc; and then make a secure payment through our embedded payment gateways. We accept various ways for payment for your convenience.

4. Delivery

Either get the convenient facility of delivery or choose to collect the wheelchair from the store itself. In the case of opting for delivery, our team will make sure that the wheelchair arrives at your mentioned address within the agreed-upon time frame. Same-day delivery is also available during moments of urgent needs, so one gets the wheelchair exactly when they need the most.

5. Use

Enjoy using our comfortable and hygienic wheelchair for the rented period. Thereafter, our customer support will always be there to assist you with all kinds of inquiries and help. Our wheel chairs are very user-friendly. Thus, Setup and usages instructions are given which are easy to comprehend.

6. Return

Finally, when the rental period is up please contact us to arrange for pick up or bring the wheelchair back to our location. If you want us to just pick it up - we will call you to work out a time for pickup of the wheelchair that works for you. If you want to drop off you can set up a date and time to bring the wheelchair back into our store.

Additional Services

Wheelchair Rent BD: Beside the above, we assist inmaximizing your experience by also providing the following range of additional services and support:

1. Options for Customization
We understand very well that different patients have different needs. That's why we provide options to customize our wheelchairs. You can request additional accessories like cushions, back supports, and specialized footrests that will make the wheelchair more comfortable and suitable for your needs.

2. Maintenance and Repairs
We are equally keen on after-sales service, and in the case of anything happening to the wheelchair within the hire period; a maintenance and servicing facility is at hand. To this end, we keep a set of highly skilled technicians who are capable and efficient to rectify all your mechanical issues. Thus, the chairs will always be kept in the best possible state throughout the duration of the rental.

3. Training and assistance
When you first get a wheelchair, you receive training from us to make sure that you yourself, or your caregivers are comfortable in using the chair. We train by demonstrating all of the features and functions of your chair to you, and offering tips toward safe and effective use. Wheelchair Rent BD.

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