Yonker YK-BPA1 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood Pressure Monitor Price in Bangladesh

  • Intelligent automatic inflation via a pump
  • 1mmHg blood pressure resolution
  • mmHg, kPa / mmg unit conversion
  • 2 users, 99 memories per user
  • IHB, Irregular heart beating sign
  • Average of latest 3 records
  • Low power detection
  • Over pressure protection
  • Automatic switch-off
  • 237g without batteries
Yonker YK-BPA1 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Meet Yonker YK-BPA1, the revolutionary blood pressure monitor, bringing home health monitoring to a whole new level. With its advanced oscillometric method and state-of-the-art technology, this equipment provides accurate and reliable readings of your vital signs. It becomes an indispensable tool for all those who want to take control of their health.

YK-BPA1 has a measuring range of 0-280 mmHg, with a resolution of 1mmHg and an accuracy of ≤±3mmHg. It, therefore, means you can rely on the readings you take, whether you monitor your blood pressure just for personal health management or with the intention of managing a condition. It also has a pulse rate measuring range of 40-199 beats per minute, with an accuracy of ±5%.

The YK-BPA1 brings with it ease of use; simply wrap the cuff around your arm, press the start button, and that is just it. The blood pressure monitor will automatically detect your pulse rate and blood pressure, having readings within seconds. The readings for diastolic and systolic blood pressure will show independently on the display screen, showing an average value icon for progress tracking.

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