VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Affordable price VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Monitoring System in Bangladesh

Now get this VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Monitoring System at the best price in Bangladesh of only Tk 1,200! Acquire this high-premium device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka at the best price, available 24*7 at your doorstep.

Full Specification

  • 10-test strips & 10-lancets are free
  • Micro USB data transfer port
  • Approx 47g weight with batteries
  • 5 – 45°C operating temperature
  • 0.6-33.3 mmol/L measurement range


Vivachek Ino Glucose Meter is fast, accurate, and easy for blood sugar monitoring. This small device gives a reliable result in just 5 seconds with only a 0.5μL blood sample. Using this meter, you are capable of storing up to 900 results in memory to track your glucose level. The device will shut off after 2 minutes of operation to turn off and save the battery life. The Vivachek Ino  Glucose Meter proves to be an outstanding tool for diabetes management due to its reliability, effectiveness, and simplicity of use.

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