Ventmed DF-25W-H BiPAP Machine


Affordable Price for Ventmed DF-25W-H BiPAP Machine in Bangladesh

Get this Ventmed DF-25W-H BiPAP Machine at the best price in Bangladesh for only Tk 80,000! Acquire this high-quality device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka, available 24/7 at your doorstep.

Full Specification

  • Type: CPAP and BiPAP
  • Mode: CPAP, Auto CPAP, Auto BiPAP, BiPAP & ST
  • Pressure: 4 cmH2O~25 cmH2O
  • Tubing Heating function: Yes, 10 adjustable
  • Target Tidal volume: 200mL~1200mL
  • Backup rate: 5bpm~60bpm
  • Alarm: Mask off, Pressure & tube abnormality
  • Humidity Level: Heating & humidification (level:1~5)


Introduce the Ventmed DF-25W-H BiPAP machine, which is a very highly advanced device designed for effective treatment in adult patients suffering from sleep apnea, COPD, and obesity hypoventilation syndrome. This device is versatile with some advanced features, acting as both a CPAP and a BiPAP device and covering CPAP, Auto CPAP, Auto BiPAP, BiPAP, and ST modes. Adjustable pressure settings between 4 cmH2O and 25 cmH2O make it meet individual treatment and provide optimum therapy. This machine is designed to provide continuous and comfortable therapy to patients seeking relief from respiratory disorders.

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