Super Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine


Super Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Introducing the Super Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine, a revolutionary respiratory care device made to deliver precise and effective medication delivery to patients with respiratory disorders. With a medication capacity of 6ml, this nebulizer machine is capable of producing a fine mist of medication particles with a respirable fraction of 0.5 to 5μm, getting the medication to the depths of the lungs. The MMAD of 2.0μm guarantees that medication is administered in an accurate. Focused way to minimize wastage and maximize efficacy.

The Super Care Nebulizer Machine is designed to be user-friendly and patient-friendly. The nebulization rate is adjustable, with an average rate above 0.2ml/min, where patients have the ability to self-administer medication. Operating at 40 dBA, this unit is quiet and less anxiety- and stress-provoking for the patient.

The compressor pressure is strong, from 30-39 psi, to ensure it can handle even the most rigorous nebulization tasks. The Super Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine is designed for use in both home and clinical settings. Making it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design. Providing faster and more effective relief from respiratory disorders.

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