Oxygen Cylinder Price BD


Key Features:

  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Height: 3 ft
  • Pressure: 2000 liters
  • Flow Rate: Up to 15 liters per minute

 Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

Now get this China portable medical oxygen cylinder at the best price in Bangladesh of only Tk 10,500! Acquire this high-premium device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka at the best price, available 24*7 at your doorstep.

Product description

Oxygen Cylinder Price BD: Be fully equipped to meet any medical emergency with this comprehensive oxygen cylinder setup. Our package includes a premium quality Medical Oxygen Cylinder, flow meter or Oxygen Regulator, Oxygen Face Mask, Nasal Cannula, and strong moving trolley for ease of movement. The ensemble will provide an uninterrupted and effective flow of oxygen supply, hence apt for personal or professional application.
Each cylinder is of international standard, 3 ft tall, weighing 14 kgs. Gas pressure is from 1900 to 2000 psi. The flow rates range from 1 ltr to 15 ltrs a minute to see to it you get the right quantity of oxygen at your time of need.
All our cylinders are of import from China. We also have a 24/7 emergency oxygen service.
Added to this is the flexibility of payment options along with a hassle-free home delivery service only within Dhaka City. You can sell used Oxygen Cylinder to us and get competitive price. 

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