NTI Automic Nebulizer Machine


The NTI Automic Nebulizer Machine is a revolutionary device designed to automate the liquid medication administration process. This innovative machine is created with the idea of generating high-quality respirable particles and achieving precise and effective treatments for patients. The advanced features of the Automic Nebulizer Machine make it the perfect device for all the medical professions who want reliable and efficient treatment delivery.

The Automic Nebulizer Machine is able to automate the process of liquid medication administration, so medical professionals are free to do other tasks while the machine works. The high-quality compressor of the machine delivers a maximum pressure of 2.5 bars, a minimum airflow of 8 LPM, and thus ensures the drug is delivered precisely and effectively.

Another key feature of the Automic Nebulizer Machine is that the air filter is changeable to make sure the machine is always working at its best. Besides, the extra-long compressed air tube allows easy replacement and maintenance to reduce downtime and increase the machine’s efficiency.

NTI Automic Nebulizer Machine

The Automic Nebulizer Machine is designed to provide reliable and efficient treatment delivery with a minimum 60-minute operating time and a minimum 30-minute operating time with reserve, which means medical professions can rely on the machine to provide treatment for a long period of time without worrying about running out of air or needing to change filters.

In addition to the advanced features, the Automic Nebulizer Machine is also designed to be used easily and maintained with ease. This machine comes with a comprehensive user manual and is intended for use by all levels of medical professionals in their daily practice. Regular maintenance is also easy and straightforward, reducing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency of the machine.

Overall, the NTI Automic Nebulizer Machine is a state-of-the-art device designed to put in a reliable and efficient delivery of treatment. Its advanced features, ease of use, and ease of maintenance make it the perfect solution for all medical professionals looking for a reliable and efficient solution to liquid medication administration.

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