Electric Hot Water Bag


Affordable Price for Electric Hot Water Bag in Bangladesh

Get this Electric Hot Water Bag at the best price in Bangladesh for only Tk 8,000! Acquire this high-quality device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka, available 24/7 at your doorstep.

An electric warm water pocket is a pocket filled with a damp; sealed with a unique gel, which is used to provide warmth typically while in bed but also often to apply heat to a particular body portion. It’s a high-quality, cold climatic reliever from aches. Gives relief from pain and makes you feel comfortable. No problems with heating water on gas or heaters running on electricity. You can use it inside the quilt for warming up a quilt or massage parts of the body at a low temperature. It is a very useful winter product.

Full Specification

  • Take appropriate precautions.
  • Run a wire inside the bottle and lamp and socket the other end of an electric plug.
  • Heat for 3-10 minutes depending on your need.
  • Switch off and lamp, massage parts of the body with it, or keep it inside the quilt to make it hot.
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