Elastic Crepe Bandage


Affordable Price for Elastic Crepe Bandage in Bangladesh

Get this Elastic Crepe Bandageat the best price in Bangladesh for only Tk 200! Acquire this high-quality device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka, available 24/7 at your doorstep.

  • Quantity: 2 Pcs
  • Size: 4″x 4.5 yds
  • Best Quality Products, Non Adhesive & Easy To Use
  • Provides extra flexibility Stretchable and comfortable fabric moves with you to fit better
  • Ideal for Professional and Home First Aid Use
  • Soft and conformable, suitable for use over joints
  • Provides light support for strains, sprains and weak joints


Say good-bye to discomfort and hello to targeted relief with our Elastic Crepe Bandages. These bandages exert stable pressure to the limb, reducing blood flow to the area, which reduces swelling to promote healing. Perfect for treating muscle strains and sprains, they’re also ideal for securing splints or casting on fractures that might swell. Our Elastic Crepe Bandages will provide gentle, non-constricting pressure and add comfort to your efficient recovery. Use for support to help with the easing of pain and discomfort; Step back into life without disturbance.

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