Elastic Adhesive Bandage


Affordable Price for Elastic Adhesive Bandage in Bangladesh

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Size: 8cm X 4/6m
Material Cotton
Size 8cm X 4/6m
Style Elastic


It is made out of a woven fabric, Bandage in warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass, which does not offset when the bandage is unrolled. The warp threads consist of two-fold crepe cotton threads twisted and welt threads are of cotton/viscose/both mixed. The warp threads are arranged two threads S twisted and two threads Z twist repeated. The fabric is clean and comparatively free from weaving defects and other impurities. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges. Application: Ideal bandage for support, strapping fractures, muscles’ injuries, elbows, knees, shoulders specially requiring elasticity.

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