Condom Catheter


Affordable Condom Catheter Price In Bangladesh

Get this Condom Catheter Price In Bangladesh for only Tk 200! Acquire this high-quality device from BD Medical Store in Dhaka, available 24/7 at your doorstep.

Material Rubber
Application Hospital
Size Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large
Material Type Rubber, Latex
Diameter 20,25,30 & 35 mm
Catheter Style External
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece


Introduce the Condom Catheter, a discreet and convenient way to treat male incontinence. The external urethral catheter is worn over the penis much like a condom, collecting urine in a collection bag that ties to your legs, freeing you from accidents and embarrassment. Unlike those internal catheters that insert through your urethra or via a small incision, the condom catheter is relatively less invasive and easily used or maintained. This is the perfect system for anyone currently suffering from urinary incontinence and is easy, comfortable. Take back control with this product and order now for complete relief from bladder misbehaviors.

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