Omron Hem-7120 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine


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  • Body movement indicator
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat detection

Omron Hem-7120 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

Take charge of your heart health with Omron’s cutting-edge Hem-7120 blood pressure monitor, designed for ultimate ease of use combined with advanced technology. The device is innovative and meant to help you get accurate and reliable readings for a better understanding of your cardiovascular health, helping you decide on your well-being.

The Intelligent technology behind the Omron Hem-7120 comprises quite a number of innovative features that bring about precise and consistent measurements. The device’s high-precision capacitive pressure sensor is able to detect blood pressure within the range of 40-180 beats per minute, allowing it to be used with both adults and children.

This is one of the most exciting features of the Omron Hem-7120: the hypertension indicator. It has an alert feature that signals the user whenever there is an issue with the blood pressure reading.

The other interesting feature of the Omron Hem-7120 device is body movement detection. This property guarantees the taking of measurements only in a stable and comfortable posture, free from errors, for better accuracy. The Omron Hem-7120 also has a cuff wrapping guide to allow for easy fitting of the cuff correctly every time. This will ensure your readings are accurate and consistent and assist in getting the best out of your device.

The Omron Hem-7120 is designed for ease of use. The gadget is compact and portable, which means you can always have it with you on the go. The monitor can detect irregular patterns of the heartbeat, which is an indication of your overall cardiovascular health.

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